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This page will allow you to enter any resources that you might like to share. Some examples might be resource books, power points, interesting articles, etc.

This document will help when planning for the needs of your students with autism. This document will ensure that all of the changes in the new regulations are addressed when creating ER's, RR's, and IEP's. If you would like more information it can be found on the pattan.net website. Renae

PA Alternate Standards for Math. Renae

PA Alternate Standards for Reading. Renae

This resource book was created by K.A.R.E (Kommittee for Autism Research and Education). It was created to help families of newly diagnosed children with autism find answers and resources. Please wait as it takes a few minutes to load. The screen appears black and then the document will appear. Please feel free to print this book and share with anyone desiring further information. Renae

Below is a link to toolkits that have been developed through Autism Speaks. They are great to share with families or fellow educators.