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This is a wonderful book to help with puberty/sexuality issues you may be having with your students. Don't let the title fool you. The strategies are very beneficial to our children on the spectrum.

Parents and families need and can provide unique resources. If you are an educator please provide information to help families. If you are a parent or family member please provide information to support other families and educators. Partnerships and collaborative efforts are where we will see the most changes happening.

ABOARD - Advisory Board on Autism and Related Disorders Advocate, provide family support, and information resources regarding advocacy assistance, education rights, and training. Both the board and staff are comprised of parents with children on the spectrum. Their goal is to maximize social, educational, and vocational potential. ABOARD (800) 827-9385

Autism.pdf This resource book was created by K.A.R.E (Kommittee for Autism Research and Education). It was created to help families of newly diagnosed children with autism find answers and resources. Please wait as it takes a few minutes to load. The screen appears black and then the document will appear. Please feel free to print this book and share with anyone desiring further information.

PEAL PEAL Parent Education & Advocacy Leadership Center
PEAL provides information and training for parents or friends of those children with disabilities. It also provides information for education, healthcare, advocates, and community service providers. 412-281-4404

Powerpoint I developed to explain the IEP process to Parents/Family Members of Students with Disabilities. I hope you will find it useful! Thanks! Kristin