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ASSET ASSET, Inc. (Achieving Student Success Through Excellence in Teaching)
2403 Sidney Street, Suite 800, Pittsburgh, PA 15203 (in the South Side) (412)481-7320
ASSET, Inc. is an independent, non-profit organization based out of Pittsburgh's South Side that distributes science kit materials to schools. When I worked at the Children's Institute, we actually had an arrangement with ASSET so that our students with Autism could put together the science kits that elementary school children in the area used in their general education science classes! Talk about teamwork! It was great because our students LOVED doing this work, and they were awesome at the task of placing the correct number of materials in each bag (like an assembly line). So cool!

www.OCALI.org This is a great website. It contains free web based modules that can be viewed. The modules last from 45 minute and up on a variety of topics. I just viewed some on structured work systems. They also have some on behavior and social interactions. I would highly suggest that our new staff view these, especially if they have not yet received the TEACCH training. This would also be a great site to recommend to support staff, itinerants, and mainstream teachers or parents looking for additional training or information. Lastly, it might be good to view together as a team during your weekly team meetings if you are holding them.

Positive Beginnings website http://pbs.fsu.edu/altSite/modules.html Great website about challenging behavior. I have attached the link for the training modules. Even though the modules are designed more towards younger children, they provide very beneficial and applicable information for older students and educators. Kristin

Cindy's Autistic Support Cindy’s Autistic Support is a Pittsburgh based autistic support classroom that provides a support website for parents and educators of children with autism. The site includes link to other sites and examples of supports. Renae

Do 2 Learn You can use this page for pre created schedules, flashcards, and other visuals. Renae

[[http://www.kylestreehouse.org |Kyle's Treehouse]] Kyle's Treehouse allows parents of children with autism to stay informed and find plenty of treatment opportunities. They also have an online forum for parents to share their experiences, ask questions, and help one another out.

OASIS OASIS: Online Asperger Syndrome Information and Support
OASIS was created by parents of children with Asperger Syndrome. This user friendly web site offers links to information on Asperger Syndrome, social skills, support groups, and research. Renae

Pattan Pattan: Pennsylvania Training and Technical Assistance Network
Pattan is an initiative of the Pennsylvania Department of Education working in partnership with families and local education agencies to support programs and services to improve student learning and achievement. This website provides free online courses, resources, training information for an array of subjects and disabilities. This site also provides two special features: the lending library and training materials. Although Pattan has continuous opportunities for free trainings, parents cannot always attend. Pattan records many of these trainings. Parents can view them online or request that a DVD be sent to them. In addition, Pattan provides a lending library. Parents can work with their LEA to borrow resources from this library for free. These resources include books, videos, and other materials. Renae

TEACCH This website provides information on autism, education and communication approaches, and TEACCH materials and services. Renae

The Watson Institute The Watson Institute today is an educational organization, specializing in educating children with special needs, as well as those professionals and pre-professionals who serve children with special needs. On this site there is information for parents and professionals. Renae

Senteacher This site includes free printable materials on various topics. I especially like the "faces" prints that you can make to teach your students how to interpret facial expressions. You can also find a "talking faces" free download on this site under the download link at the top.

TinSnips This site includes teaching techniques, worksheets, and free activities for younger students on the spectrum.

Websites with free printable pictures
The site is in Spanish, but the pictures are in English.