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I am currently enrolled in an online Ed. D. program at Nova Southeastern University with a concentration in speech-language pathology and a minor in autism. This is a list of our textbooks we have used or are currently using. They are great resources for teachers, parents, and therapists alike. Hope you enjoy!
  • Ariel, C.N., & Naseef, R.A. (2006). Voices from the spectrum: Parents, grandparents, siblings, friends, helpers, and people with autism tell their stories. London:
Jessica Kingsley Publishers.

  • National Research Council (2001). Educating Children with Autism. NY: National Academy Press.
  • The science and fiction of autism. Cambridge, MA:.Harvard University Press. Kristin

" A Work in Progress" This is an excellent resource to have if you an AS teacher.... Mary Ann
" The Hidden Curriculum",
by Brenda Smith Myles. Renae

Some "reading for enjoyment" material:) "Born on a Blue Day: Inside the extraordinary mind of an autistic savant" by Daniel Tammet. I don't know if any of you have heard of the "B
rainman" documentary on the Science Channel, but this book is based on that individual. It's fantastic and provides great insight for our students with Asperger's,
as well as other autism spectrum disorders. Enjoy! Kristin

Explore a topic of a book in one of our favorite bookstores, AAPC, Autism Asperger's Publishing Company.